Token Lab held its first Token Lab Conference


On May 17th, 2018, Token Lab of Hong Kong (at Token News) held its first Token Lab Conference.
We want to thank all of guests from wide range areas who had attended!!

The presentations covered on the following topics:

1. Possibility of Token as a Regional Currency -
Tetsuji Osamura, CEO, Felica Pocket Marketing Co., Ltd.

2. Interoperability between IC Card and Blockchain Technology -
Eddie Tamaki, CTO, Sky-King International Investments Ltd.

Presentation given by Mr. Osamura of Felica Pocket Marketing Co., Ltd.

Seats were full with attentive listners.

Presentation given by Mr. Eddie Tamaki of Sky-King International Investments Ltd.

Token Lab is planning for more upcoming conference events.
Announcements will be made as soon as new projects with presentable facts/materials are prepared.

Mr. Osamura, CEO of FeliCa Pocket Marketing sat down for an interview to discuss about the possibilities of integrating blockchain technology with IC cards (NFC & FeliCa).