Blockchain in the Infrastructure of Society


What We Do

〜 The Role of TOKEN LAB 〜

Technology Research/Development

TOKEN LAB is pursuing research and development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and peripheral technologies, with the theme of "Blockchain in the Infrastructure of Society", and until 2020, we are focusing particularly on settlement technology based on cryptocurrencies.

Community Support

TOKEN LAB will provide funds and space for companies, organizations, and individuals who share the same goal and will focus on developing communities for spreading blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Spreading Information

TOKEN LAB will cooperate with Token News HK, a co-founding company, to spread information on activities by TOKEN LAB and the community to the whole world.

What is TOKEN LAB?

TOKEN LAB is an organization co-founded by Hong Kong Sky King International Investment Ltd., which develops a settlement system based on cryptocurrencies, and Token News Hong Kong, which sends out information related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICOs.


Token News

Token News HK has its headquarters in Hong Kong and specializes in spreading information on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICOs. It functions as the sender of information for TOKEN LAB.

KINGS Project

KINGS Project is a settlement service development project based on cryptocurrencies advanced by Hong Kong Sky King International Investment. Working together with TOKEN LAB, KINGS Project will proceed with field trials in various countries around the world.



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